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Why choose Belgium?

Belgium, the most admired country in the heart of Europe. Belgium has a multilingual society. It has 3 official languages - French, Dutch and German. It is also known for providing the best and affordable education services. In this post we will be discussing why Belgium is the best option if you are thinking about your future in Belgium.

High Quality of Life

Belgium has a vibrant cultural life. It has 3 cultural communities based on the languages they speak but it creates no difference in the cultural unity of Belgium. Folklore is one of the most important element in Belgian culture. A number of processions and parades are organized and people from all the communities participate with equal enthusiasm.

It also offers you a great social life. Belgian people are very self disciplined and they value your privacy and enjoy a peaceful life.

Exciting Job Opportunities

In Belgium, Multilingual speakers are high in demand. If you speak one or more languages from the official languages, it increases chances of your employment. Now, let's talk about the most sought after employees-

  • Medical Staff

  • ICT Professionals

  • Technical Industrial Engineers

  • Construction Professionals

  • Teachers

People in Belgium are very hard working, but still it provides you a healthy work-life balance.

Excellent Education

Belgium is known for providing the best education system and that too at free or very low cost (depending on the course). Belgium is known as the hub of innovations. It is also famous for being excellent in research field. It has top ranked universities in world for applied sciences. You may also have a look on our post- Top five universities in Belgium.

Belgium's education is highly regarded not only in Belgium but also internationally. Also Belgium welcomes all foreign students with open arms. It offers a very friendly environment for them.

Beautiful Environment

Belgium is a very attractive and delightful country. It is rich in its culture and history as well beauty. This country has lakes, canals, lavish gardens all attributing to its beauty. If you plan to study or work in Belgium, this beauty can embellish your weekends contributing to a blissful time.

Low Crime Rates

Belgium is regarded as the safest country in Europe. However, like every other place in the world, there might be some small crimes like pick-pocket or bag snatching. But you need not worry, just being careful at crowded places can help you a lot.

Affordable Housing

Accommodation in Belgium is pretty affordable. It might be a bit higher in bigger cities but a student can easily manage his expenses as it mainly depends on your spending habits and the place.

Considering all these pros of life in Belgium, it's not questionable anymore whether to choose Belgium or not.

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