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Inventions originated from Germany

Germany is the land filled with richness of scientific and technological inventions and groundbreaking discoveries. Germany is ranked on top in the most innovative countries as most of the prominent inventors including scientists, physicists, engineers belonged to Germany. This blog shares some of the most acclaimed German inventors who contributed in today's technology.

Printing Press

The first and the most important name in the list of inventors is JOHANNES GUTENBERG. He invented the PRINTING PRESS in 1436. It was the first revolutionary invention which brought about a huge change in the world of books. Producing a large number of books was made possible only due to this invention.


Then comes the most innovative invention which brought a revolutionary change in the medical field. X-Rays were invented in 1895 by WILHELM CONRAD which made it possible to have a look inside the human body without any surgery. He discovered the X-rays accidentally, of a ring on his wife's hand.

Diesel Engine

The Diesel Engine was invented in late nineteenth century by RUDOLF DIESEL, a German engineer. It was due to this invention, that heavy oils were used as fuel which is much cheaper than gasoline.


Zeppelin is a type of airship which was originated from Germany in late nineteenth century. It is named after its inventor, COUNT FERDINAND VON ZEPPELIN. These airships were used for different purposes like transportation, scientific research and military purposes. These played a major role in development of aviation field.

Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle, was invented in Germany in 1930's. It is known to be the most iconic car of the twentieth century. It became popular all over the world because of it's reliability and affordable price.


Accordion is a very popular box shaped music instrument which was originated from Berlin, Germany. It was invented by CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH LUDWIG BUSCHMANN in 1822. He named it as HANDAOLINE. It has made a significant impact on the music industry.

Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are a kind of sweet candy. These were invented in Bonn, Germany by HANS RIEGEL in 1922. Bored of his regular job as a confectionary worker, he started his own candy company named HARIBO and invented these little sweet candies in shape of bears.

These are only a few of the great inventions in Germany. The German Culture is enriched with innovations and the country holds a top position in leading innovative countries.

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