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Benefits of Ausbildung

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Are you wondering why you should consider an Ausbildung in Germany. Ausbildung plays a significant role in pursuing career in Germany or Austria. It is not only for Germans but for aspiring foreign students also. It makes you adroit in professional skills along with the theoretical knowledge. Thus, creating great job opportunities for skillful students. Let's discuss the major benefits of Ausbildung in this post.

Enormous Job Opportinities

Germany is one of the countries which has highest demands of employees. It is the fourth largest economy of the world. There are more than 7 lakh new vacancies every year in all different fields from nursing to teaching. Some of the major professions which are in high demand in Germany are-

  • IT and Software Development

  • Nursing and Healthcare

  • Mechatronics

  • Business management

  • Architecture

  • Teacher

  • Pharmacist

Acquire practical knowledge

After completing this vocational training, a student gains professional skills which are highly sought after in each and every work field. Almost all major companies prefer skillful employees instead of less skilled ones. This apprenticeship program increases your market value by adding practical experience with theoretical knowledge, thus making you a better and more powerful competitor in the race of employment.

Learn and Earn

With the help of this apprenticeship program, a student can not only gain practical knowledge, but also he is rewarded with a handsome monthly stipend. In this way he can manage his expenses on his own while living away from home.

Career and PR in Germany

Ausbildung helps you securing a good career in Germany or Austria. Once you are done with this training program and start working with any firm, you can become eligible for permanent residency in a short period of time.

No need of any specific degree

The most exciting feature of an Ausbildung is that no specific degree is asked before the enrollment in Ausbildung program. It's a very simple program which doesn't ask for much requirements as for eligibility.

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