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Interesting Facts about Germany

Situated in the heart of Europe, Germany is one of the largest countries in Europe. It is a country rich in culture with great diversity which attract visitors from all over the world. You need not worry if you are one of the aspiring foreign students who wish to study in Germany but don't know much about the country. This blog shares facts about Germany including its history, geography, traditions, cultural and religious beliefs which will help you understand the country better before you move there.

Significance of German Flag lies in the symbolism of the tricolors showing different phases which the country has gone through. Firstly, the BLACK colour symbolizes the DARK TIMES suffered by the country during the reign of Roman Empire. RED symbolizes the BLOOD SHED of the fighters during the wars for LIBERATION. The last GOLD coloured stripe symbolizes the BRIGHT FUTURE of the country.

  • Germany is also known as "The Country of Castles", which is also said to be an inspiration for designing the Disney Castle. The German land is embraced with about 21,000 castles designed in Gothic and Romanesque (semi-circular arches) architecture. Germany has always been the hotspot for tourism all because of its splendid castles.

  • The credit of Printing the World's First Book also goes to Germany, by introducing the world's First Printing Press Germany became the first country to print the holy book Bible. It was named THE GUTENBERG BIBLE and was printed in 1455.

  • Germany is the country best known for its Outstanding Education System. It is known for having many world renowned top ranking universities. It has more than 380 Universities providing you a wide variety of courses. It has become an education hub. Students from all over the world move in seeking high quality education and a brighter future.

  • Germany has the Largest Economy in Europe and the fourth largest globally. It has produced many of the major global corporations including VOLKSWAGEN, MERCEDES BENZ, SIEMENS, ADIDAS, BOSCH and many more.

  • Even in the field of Technology, Germany stands high all around the globe for its advanced and innovative technology. Germany is a world leader in MECHANICAL as well as AEROSPACE ENGINEERING. German engineers have played a significant role in developing cutting edge technologies and have contributed their innovations to many different fields all over the world.

  • Origin of the term "Kindergarten" is from none other than Germany itself. It is widely used as it is all over the world to describe a preschool. It literally means GARDEN OF CHILDREN.

  • Now, coming towards the culture of the country one will find that Germany has a Rich Cultural Heritage. It is known for its grand festivals through out the year, celebrated with great enthusiasm. Some of the major festivals are OLTOBERFEST, WURSTMARKT, HAMBURGER DOM, WAGNER FESTIVAL and many more.

  • Germany is home to many famous Music Composers, which have contributed a lot to the rich musical tradition of Germany. Some of the notable musicians are JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH, BEETHOVEN, RICHARD WAGNER, GEORGE FRIDERIC and many more.

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