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Ausbildung in Germany

Firstly, let's understand what AUSBILDUNG is. It is a German word meaning APPRENTICE in English. It is a unique Vocational Training Program which helps students acquire all those professional skills required to enter any work field. It focuses on both practical and theoretical aspects of education. Thousands of students enter the profession of their choice through these apprenticeship programs.

The company hires the students after they qualify an interview. They are then trained in such a way that 70% of their time is spent in understanding the practical aspects and the left 30% is spent in learning theoretical aspects. Meanwhile, the trainers keep a check on their progress by conducting periodic exams. They are also rewarded with a handsome monthly stipend.

Types of Ausbildung

There are mainly two types of Ausbildung courses.

  1. Schulische Ausbildung

  2. Duale Ausbildung

The first one, Schulische Ausbildung, is the one where a student only gets to learn in a school. There is no working experience included whereas in the Duale Ausbildung, a student not only gets to learn at the school but also gets the experience of working. While working the student also gets a monthly stipend.


Ausbildung in Germany and Austria, can prove to be the gateway to your success, as it provides enormous career opportunities for skilled foreign workers. Every year there are more than 5 lakh vacant seats in different fields including medical, technical, architectural and many more, which creates a great opportunity for skilled foreign students.

Once a student completes this vocational training program, it will open up new horizons in their career. This training program is expanding year by year helping foreign students brighten their future with a large number of job opportunities.

Most sought after professions after Ausbildung

  • Nurse

  • IT Specialist

  • Aircrafts mechanic

  • Electronics Technician

  • Pharmacist

  • Hotel management

  • Sales person

  • Chef/Cook

  • Gardener

  • Optometrist

  • Make up artist

  • Warehouse Logistics

  • Teacher

  • Media Technologists

  • Office management

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