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What after Ausbildung?

Ausbildung is a vocational training program which helps you gain professional skills along with the theoretical knowledge. You have numerous career opportunities after completing an Ausbildung, depending on your goals and interest. You may either pursue further vocational training which will lead to a higher level of expertise or you can also think about pursuing a Bachelors or Masters degree. You can also find a lot of job opportunities once you become an adroit in professional skills.

Let's discuss some of the choices you have after Ausbildung.

Start Working

The most distinguished option is to start working in your field. Your vocational qualifications and practical skills are going to help you climb up the success ladder once you enter the working field. These professional skills are highly appreciated by the employers.

Pursue further vocational training

You can also consider continuing further vocational training in your field to develop your professional skills. You can also attend similar specialized workshops, seminars or courses to gain new akin skills. This is definitely going to help you in getting promotion or a better job.

Pursue a Bachelor's or Master's degree

There is also an option of considering your higher education. You can enroll in a University or Fachhochschule. Many Universities offer programs that are specially designed for those students who have completed an Ausbildung. If you want to get a higher position in your field, then you should certainly go for higher studies.

Self Employed

Now that you have become proficient, by gaining ample professional skills, you can start your own business and become an entrepreneur. You can also get supplementary training in business management or entrepreneurship to enhance your skills and increase the success rate. It might seem to you a bit challenging, but if you have that entrepreneurial spirit and passion in you, nothing can stop you.

Hence, there are a lot of career opportunities after Ausbildung, you just need to understand your interests and goals and then choose the best path for you which aligns with your preferences.

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