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Top Five Universities in Germany

Germany holds a leading position in Science, Technology and Innovation. It stands at the highest rank in education system. Germany provides you with a wide range of courses in different fields in English language. Aspiring international students dream to study in Germany's world-prestigious universities. If you have the dedication to make your career successful internationally, then Germany is the best study destination for you.

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

LMU is a public research university which was established in 1472. It is the sixth oldest university in Germany. It offers you English taught programs and several double degree programs. In terms of enrolled students, it is the second largest german university.

Freie University Berlin

Free University is a top ranked public research university in Berlin which was founded in 1948. The University is best known in political science and humanities field. It has four main campuses, and offers a wide range of courses.

Humboldt University of Berlin

This University is given the title of "Mother of all Universities". It is ranked #61 in best global universities. Humboldt provides you with more than 185 courses in different fields such as agriculture, physics, chemistry, biology, business, finance and many more.

KIT, Karlsruher Institute for Technology

One of the most renowned technical universities, KIT ranks #63 globally. Moreover, it is ranked 141 in QS World rankings 2023. It is a national research centre of the Helmholtz Association.

Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg

It stands at 64th place globally and 3rd all over Germany. It is also given the title of the oldest university, founded in 1386. It is one of the most research centered institution in Europe. It is ranked 65 in QS world rankings 2023.

All these universities are nominated on the basis of their academic, co-scholastic performances and encouragement of international students.

You'll get to explore new cultures, and a chance to take your career to another level.

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