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Basic greetings in German

Are you planning a trip to Germany or German speaking countries? Here we are with some basic greetings to help you out!

Hallo - Hello

Guten Morgen - Good Morning

Guten Tag - Good Day

Guten Abend - Good Evening

Gute Nacht - Good Night

Wie geht’s? - How’s it going?

Es geht - It’s okay

Sehr gut - Very Good

Danke - Thank You

Bitte - Please

Freut mich - Nice to meet you

Entschuldigung - Excuse me

Es tut mir leid - I am sorry

Was machen Sie? - What are you doing?

Bis bald - See you soon

Bis Morgen - See you tomorrow

💡Bonus Tip – No matter whoever you converse with, just be confident as German people are very amiable.

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