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My Journey: 1st Position in just 45 Days.

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Hallo Readers,

I'm Jyoti Punia. I'm a student at German Schule India and I'm very pleased to inform you that I managed to top in my A1 Goethe exam within a period of 45 days under the valuable guidance of German Schule India and Trainers.

The need to know German in order to pursue further education in medicine in Germany was the major reason why I joined German Schule.

Initially, remembering words and pronouncing them correctly was a struggle but as a few days passed it all started to get easier.

My personal belief is that if you'll regularly do your homework, show up in class, and won't hesitate to ask questions when confused, learning this widely used language will turn into a fun experience.

I would also like to advise you to use language exchange apps like Interpals, Hallotalk, etc to practice your German daily with natives and other language students.

At last, I'll just say that don't stress If you're taking a while to get used to this completely new language because trust me once you'll get a hold on the basics the whole journey towards fluency will become joyful.

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