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Why studying in Austria is a good option. Thinking about studying in Austria? We’ve got you.

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Why studying in Austria is a good option

Thinking about studying in Austria? We’ve got you. Here we’ll give you enough reasons to make your mind up to pack your bags and get on an exciting journey filled with beautiful experiences. Let us tell you why studying in Austria is the right option for you. Also, we will provide all the necessary information you need before you start.

Best ranking universities

Most of the Austrian universities are listed among the best Universities in the world. In 2018, seven Austrian universities were included in the QS world universities ranking. The University of Vienna, the oldest and most famous university in the country, ranked the highest. Austria might be a small country but it has had a great impact on the world. This country gave us the revolutionary works of great philosophers and psychologists like Ludwig Wittgenstien, and Sigmund Freud. All in all, the quality of education is quite high in comparison to other educational systems within Europe.

Affordable and relaxed education

Studying at Austrian Universities is not that much expensive. Public universities provide education free of cost to all EU and EEA citizens, and for international students, the fee is around $1500 USD, which is quite reasonable. Also, you can apply for Erasmus (European Community Action Scheme for Mobility of University Students) funding to help out while you are there.

Generally, most of the study programs take about 3-5 years to complete but there is no limit to how much time you take to finish it, which makes it stress-free and helps you out with more time for your creative learning. Also, it creates a balance between work and education life.

Great social life

If you choose Austrian universities, you can look forward to enjoying a vibrant student life as social life at University is very important in Austria. Almost all the universities host a variety of events including educational, cultural, athletic, musical and recreational events, where students get to socialize and have a great time with friends. Students can also enjoy the concerts with cheaper tickets for students. On the other hand, a major part of the country is covered with the Alps which provides you with endless opportunities to go for hiking, camping, climbing, biking and many other outdoor activities. Exploring the Austrian Alps can be the best thing to add to your bucket list. Vienna has the highest quality of living in Europe and was recently named as the most livable city in the world.

Need to learn German

In order to get admission in a degree program, you must have sufficient knowledge of German. Generally ,you need proficiency in German up to level B2, but it may vary for different universities. Many universities can provide you with a German class as a part of your semester credits which makes the language even easier to learn. However, there are many courses which are offered in English. But you should know that English might be enough to study in Austria, but it’s not enough to live there.

Take the road less traveled

Generally, when it comes to studying abroad most of the students choose Canada, US, UK, and many other popular countries where you can find a lot of people. In such situations, Austria may prove to be the best option as it is less populated. Also being less populated, the cities are less polluted, costs of goods are cheaper, and you can walk down the street with silence in surrounding and peace in mind.

Richness in architecture, music and art

Last but not the least, the country is best known for the architecture of its baroque, palaces, and churches. The castles, fortresses, and palaces tell the story of the country’s remarkable past.

Austria is famous for its beautiful classical music. Vienna is considered as the city of music as a large number of music composers lived there. Moreover, the world-famous painter, Gustav Klimt also belongs to this country. From all these points we can have a clear idea about the richness of the country in its various art forms. Surrounding yourself in such a rich and historical culture is an education in itself.

This country of beautiful mountains, classical music and historical landmarks is calling you!

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