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A Holi full of colourful memories

A Holi full of colourful memories

The festival of vibrant colours is here, and with it comes immense joy. It is rightly said –

“Time well spent adds to life well lived”.

And recently, we experienced it when GSI organised a Holi party for its peers. Everyone was excited for the party. We reached the venue in the afternoon.

One of the students mesmerised the audience by his beautiful songs while playing the guitar. We played eco-friendly Holi, without wasting water. Our faces were filled with colours as well as smiles. Then we played some fun games like Dumb charades, Ball-cup toss and Chinese whispers. Winners also got beautiful rewards. Every moment of playing these games was loaded with lots of fun and laughter. These gatherings also strengthen the bond as we get to know each other better. All the students brought healthy and delicious homemade snacks and drinks along with them. And with the serene sunset, we grilled while grooving to the music. All thanks to Mukul sir, we had the most delicious grilled cheese.

We had a really great time together. Minutes went by like seconds and we couldn’t get enough of it. We look forward to more such parties to have a good time together.

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